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Casanova Grand Ball 2016

Magic of Venezia and our long time business partner and good friend  Venetian Atelier Marega are inviting you take a part of this extraordinary adventure that will take a place in Venice, Italy during Venetian Carnival 2016 season.


When and Where:

Saturday 6th February 2016, in the beautiful and magic Venitian Palace Ca'Zeno,
near the famous Basilica dei Frari in Venice, Italy

From 8.00 PM, you will be welcome by a cocktail and amused by our artists exhibitions and performances.
This will be just the beginning of a lovely and charming journey which will last for the entire night, hand by hand, along  Casanova's love experiences. 
Atelier Marega is calling you take part to this extraordinary masked ball's adventure: are you ready?

Event Details:

After the great success of the Casanova Grand Ball, the Atelier is glad to introduce you to Fifty Shades of Casanova Grand Ball, during the 2016 Venetian Carnival. The theme chosen for this year is the Love in the fifty and more ways in which it could be experienced. On February 6th, 2016, the night of the last Saturday of Carnival, Casanova will lead you to what promises to be a magical journey of discovery of love in its most varied facets, love sweet and tender, passionate, love for the game and for good food, love and pains of love, in short, love for life. The noble Casanova was a man of great culture: he devoted himself to a military career, he was a poet and biographer but, above all, he was a man of love. He succeeded in making love the true essence of his life.


He loved many women and all, without any exception, were in love with him and he sincerely loved each of them back. As Giacomo Casanova himself wrote in his memoirs.. "Love, a gentle bitterness". And who then, if not Giacomo Casanova, could join us in this adventure so sweet and inviting. Fifty Shades of Casanova Grand Ball will be held February 6th, 2016 in the majestic and picturesque setting of the noble Venetian Palace Ca' Zeno, in proximity to the Basilica dei Frari. In the courtyard of the palace, starting at 20.00, a welcome cocktail will receive our guests who will cheered and entertained by the loving and daring performances of our artists. This will be just the beginning of a sweet and attractive promenade that will last all the night, hand in hand along the silky way of love of Casanova





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A magnificent Gala Dinner will be served at the tables in the majestic palace along with the finest Italian wines. During a dinner, you will be entertained by extravagant performances, romantic music, and traditional Venetian Commedia del’ Arte plays.


 At 23.30, in the nightclub inside Palazzo Zen, the Gran Ballo in Maschera will start with our DJ Andrea: his music is powerful mix of rhythms of different kinds. Animators and dancers will involve you in an overwhelming show. However, you will be the only stars! Guests may also relax in the lounge area: the open bar service will guarantee you drinks, hot drinks and sweet treats accompanied by Venetian frittolle and galani (traditional Carnival sweet in Venice). Atelier Marega calls you to take part to this magical adventure.

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 Dress Code:

Giacomo Casanova period or fantasy costume is the obligatory dress code. Evening dresses and tuxedos are not allowed.

Precious fabrics, brocades, pearls, gibbo and laces…Our costumes and accessories are designed and hand-sewn made -to-measure in Marega Atelier on original 18th and 19th century Venetian models.

Atelier Marega gladly offers outstanding for the exquisiteness of fabrics and richness of details, sumptuousness and elegance costumes and all required accessories such as wigs, shoes, capes, and hats for sale or rent. Please Contact Us for the details.



Admission includes:

  • Palazzo Zen entry at 8:00 PM
  • Welcome cocktail + welcome show
  • Dinner Gala (served at the table)
  • Entertainment during the Gala Dinner
  • Gran Ballo del Maschera
  • Open Bar, and deserts

For guests of Full Ticket holders, the doors of Palazzo Zen will be open starting at 8:00 PM 


Admission includes:

  • Palazzo Zen entry from 11:30 PM
  • Entertainment with DJ Andrea and animators
  • Serata dancing
  • Open Bar, and deserts

For guests holders of the After Dinner Ticket, the doors of Palazzo Zen will be open from 11:30 PM

Please Contact Us to purchase tickets and for any enquires about the


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