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My name is ZANNI

I am the original of the comic servant characters of the Commedia dell'Arte. My name comes from Giovanni (also said Zan, Zane, Zuane), a typical name of servants whose forefathers traveled to Venice search for work from the valleys around Bergamo. Contrasting to the Magnifici (the masters), my role is very irregular: silly, simple-minded, and vulgar. Once inside 
the city environment I become sly, cunning, nosy, and cheeky. Many times, I remain poor, and constantly hungry.

My costume is a loosely fitting white smock and pants. I wear a black mask suggestive of my more popular descendant, Arlecchino.

My other names: PulcinellaArlecchinoBrighellaCovielloFrancatrippeZan FitataZan PiastrelaZan GanassaZan Turco.

You will love me as a part of your HalloweenMardi GrasCarnival, or Masquerade costume. My outstanding quality, pristine craftsmanship, and handmade features will make me a stylish decoration for your home or office after the party, an awesome topic of conversation.

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