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My name is GATTO

My name means cat in Italian. I am a traditional Venetian Carnival mask. Cats were so rare in Venice that they became the subject of one of the most typical masks. Legend has that a man who owned nothing but his old cat came to Venice from China. The can cleansed the Doge’s palace of all its mice and the man became rich. When he went back home, his rich neighbor was green with jealousy and rushed to Venice with his most precious silks, thinking that if a mere cat made the other man rich, he would be enormously rewarded for these precious items. Indeed, the Doge promised him his most precious possession in return for his gifts...and the neighbour went home with the old cat!

You will love me as a part of your HalloweenMardi GrasCarnival, or Masquerade costume. My outstanding quality, pristine craftsmanship, and handmade features will make me a stylish decoration for your home or office after the party, an awesome topic of conversation.

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