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Mask Making

masks-making-1.jpgMost of the Venetian masks made using original paper-mache technique. On the beginning the Artisan Mask-maker sculptures the plaster mold for the mask. Then mold is lubricated with Vaseline, which prevents mask from stacking and filled with several layers of special absorbent paper, which is torn into the small pieces so it will be possible to press them into the mold. Fingers are the best tool for this job, especially if the model is complex or has a lot of details. When shaping is done mold is placed in the special oven where mask dries. After drying completed Venetian mask is removed from the mold, the eyeholes cut open, all surfaces are sanded down, face varnished and waxed and when all preparations are done Venetian mask is ready for decoration. Here where the magic begins.

masks-making-2.jpgEach authentic Venetian mask is hand decorated by the Artisan Mask-maker and this is the only masks Magic of Venezia offers to its customers.

Venetian Mask-makers use a variety of materials and techniques for decoration of their glorious masks. Acrylic paints, gold and silver leaf, macrame lace, beads, glitter, precious fabrics, feathers, real music sheet, Tarot cards, metal ornaments, Swarovski crystal pieces, semiprecious jewels, artificial aging and more.

Other materials Venetian Mask-makers making their masks of includes: leather, metallic sheet, lace, etc.

masks-making-3.jpgThe price of the authentic Venetian mask is depend of the numerous of details such as level of decoration, materials used, size, shape, quality of craftsmanship and can be vary from few dollars to several thousands dollars a piece. Some of the Venetian masks are veritable masterpieces and as expansive so can be used for decoration only.

Magic of Venezia's philosophy is to offer our customers the best Venetian masks from the best Venetian Mask-makers.